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Do Artichoke Pills Offer Real Benefits?

With so many natural alternatives to medicine on the market these days, it can be difficult to assess what is legitimate and what is all hype. Artichoke pills are one of the many natural remedies on the market for a variety of ailments from heartburn to high cholesterol. There are even claims that it can help with weight loss and fight bacteria. So what is true, what is hype, and what is somewhere in between? The answer is probably a little of all three for every claim, but there is some truth to all of in. In fact, it is quite clear in the world of natural medicine that there are some solid artichoke pills benefits.

The two most well researched and proven artichoke pills benefits are the digestive benefits and the ability to potentially lower cholesterol. The idea that artichoke pills can and do relieve digestive issues such as heartburn and bloating stems from ancient times and it really works. The cholesterol issue is a little trickier. In studies is has been shown that those with high cholesterol that take artichoke pills could see a reduction of up to 18%, but the results vary by individual. The only way to determine what kind of success one will see using artichoke supplements to treat cholesterol is to actually try it. The difference may be significant, or it may not be enough to warrant not using traditional medication.

It is also believe that weight loss is one of artichoke pills benefits. While indirectly this could be true, they do not directly cause weight loss. They do, however, act as a natural diuretic and laxative, which used properly along with a healthy weight loss plan, could help promote weight loss. Water retention can give a skewed view of weight loss progress, and the diuretic effects of the pills can help eliminate water weight. Laxatives should never be used to induce weight loss, but ridding the body of harmful toxins is key to good health, and getting healthy is at the core of every successful weight loss plan.

Antimicrobial action is one of artichoke pills benefits as well, but it is one of those in-between claims. It has been proven that artichoke extract is active against certain microbes including fungi and bacteria, but it is unclear at this time how it affects the body. More studies are being done, and it is not unlikely that great benefits from this will be discovered, but at this time it is not suggested that artichoke pills can fight active infection.